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We live in a society.

ChutneyGlaze responds:

I don't know the reference but hey I like it. Thank you!

this is sick bro! thanks for using my track :P

RAMB0J3SUS responds:

Thanks for making a sick beat that made this possible!

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amazing game

but its a big game so i get it :)

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Love it, sick man.

Some of the sounds are cool but there is literally zero flow to the song. I didnt hear one transition, i didnt see a melody sceme and its awfully repetitive. I don't see how this can be considered good, but maybe its just me. This kind of music will never go anywhere.

Im not taking your sound production away from you, but thats all that this has (at times).

Sorry for being honest.

- Teal

Hyperion666 responds:

well damn, that truly was brutally honest. I'm not going to sit here and lie to you and say that your words did not affect me nor did it hurt my feelings. It did, but not in the sense that you were making. It was created to make you feel that way for a reason. I create to make a move in a person to change their look onto life. The only thing that hurt was you saying "This kind of music will never go anywhere." That was just uncalled for. The fact that you so honestly think that there is a definition to art as you so claim to see , hear, feel. My friend you are just blinded by everything around you. Your success , if you have any, is achieved by feeding the masses what they crave, what they want and thing is the absolute best for them. I create to move, move the mind, move the cells, make you cringe, take your breath and most of the time, as my personal favorite, to bring chaos and confusion within thy self. It was not made to be good, in fact I'm surprised it has a score at all. The fact that I even have to take the time to explain this to you ( even though your simplistic mind will still not get it because you are still so damn sure that you are absolutely right about everything.) means that I have succeeded with what I do to people. You are welcome.

reminds me of minecraft haha

xoshaow3 responds:

Lulz. God i wish i didnt have my hdd wiped. I lost all my unfinished projects that i wanted to finish and get sounding right. :(


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